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Dale Pendell



Thanks to all who gave so generously to the fund for my donor, Matt. (If you missed that mailing, donations can still be made via Paypal to


July 31-Aug. 2: Viridis Genii Symposium: Plant Magic, Mysticism, and Medicine. Damascus, Oregon, near to Portland. The occult and magickal side of herbalism. I’ll talk about earth denial and earth medicine.

My nutty play, Seeking Faust is available in a beautiful paperback edition from Scarlet Imprint.

“Thoroughly enjoying the wit, foolishness, and smuttiness of Seeking Faust. Dale Pendell has caught a good mix of neo-Elizabethan and Modernist dictim. This fits right on the shelf with his Neo-Coyote output. … It is as good a piece of book art as one could find these days.”     –Andrew Schelling



  • salting-cover-72My new book of poems, Salting the Boundaries, from New Native Press, is available from SPD (and on Amazon).              “I’m glad I cleared the desktop and spread out and read all of SALTING THE BOUNDARIES this evening. These are all new poems to me, and new in tone, style, vocabulary. The breadth of knowledge and concern, mythopoetic, geologic, historic, et al is splendid. & your wild salmon poem: I’m so glad you did that. I had been idly dreaming of something like that for years but never got to it. This is an impressive gathering, and a welcome surprise for me.”—Gary Snyder
    A review by Eric Weinblatt is on Catamaran.


  • Schrodinger, Einstein, Maxwell, differential equations, gunpowder, the bronze sword, and the chambered nautilus. What do they have in common? They each have a poem in this book. Equations of Power is available on Amazon. And there is a short review on physicist Nick Herbert’s blog.


  • I’ve put some of my “paint-poems” up in The Stacks.
  • Broken Symmetry:  John Piper and the Ruins of Modernism,” is in Essays.
  • “Psychedelic Top Knot” is in the current issue of The European Journal of Ecopsychology  and in Essays. Print copies are available from Lulu.
  • I’ve put selections from the Norman O. Brown/M. C. Richards correspondence, originally to be an appendix in Walking with Nobby, up in Essays.
  • I added “Fox Cycle,” “Seeding the New Year,” and my “Medicine/Circle,” originally published in Erowid Extracts, to Essays.
  • My play, “World Fire Wake,” is up on youtube at mantishill
  • I added my translation of Schiller’s “Ode to Joy” to Essays.