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Dale Pendell



  • salting-cover-72My new book of poems, Salting the Boundaries, from New Native Press, is available from SPD (and on Amazon).




  • Equations of Power is available on Amazon. And there is a short review on physicist Nick Herbert’s blog.




  • I’ve put some of my “paint-poems” up in The Stacks.
  • “Broken Symmetry:  John Piper and the Ruins of Modernism,” is in the current issue of Catamaran.
  • “Psychedelic Top Knot” is in the current issue of The European Journal of Ecopsychology. Print copies are available from Lulu.
  • I’ve put selections from the Norman O. Brown/M. C. Richards correspondence, originally to be an appendix in Walking with Nobby, up in Essays.
  • I added “Fox Cycle,” “Seeding the New Year,” and my “Medicine/Circle,” originally published in Erowid Extracts, to Essays.
  • My play, “World Fire Wake,” is up on youtube at mantishill.
  • An interview with Scott Riley is on Mary: A Journal of New Writing.