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The Great Bay

Chronicles of the Collapse

A global pandemic kills much of mankind in 2021–more than 200 million die in the U. S. in the first month alone. Dale Pendell’s The Great Bay: Chronicles of the Collapse takes us on an unprecedented journey 16,000 years into the future of mankind–a future transformed by the warming of the planet and the flooding and climatic changes that result around the world. While Pendell’s scope is vast, the imaginative and thought-provoking stories in The Great Bay focus on the lives of people in what was once California, where rising sea levels have formed a great bay in the heart of the state. These stories are not merely a warning–they show how people rediscover the old ways of living and surviving, and the world that emerges is as much utopian as dystopian.

Winner: Green Book Festival “Best Science Fiction 2010.”

Available at bookstores and at amazon.


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