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Archive for June 2014

Fragment, June 18, Joe Torre

Joe Torre, the great former manager of the New York Yankees, was talking to the San Francisco Giants announcers between innings recently at AT&T Park. Torre was raising consciousness about prostate cancer and other social issues. He had mentioned to one of the announcers that in appreciation of his work a charitable organization had recently given him a very rare and expensive bottle of wine. The announcer, joking, asked Torre if he had saved any of it. Torre answered: “Hey, I’ve had cancer. I don’t save anything.” …
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On Sea Gulls, Turtles, and Dionysus

On Sea Gulls, Turtles, and Dionysus …
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14 June: Dreamt of my old Chevy truck

Dreamt last night of my old truck. We were in Mexico, a bunch of us, the truck rigged out as a camper, the way I had it, but bigger. And like the way I had it, I couldn’t start it. And when I finally did, it was running on about four cylinders, and there we were on the edge of some half finished Mexican freeway. I had to go downhill to build up speed so I was driving over all the construction gear and the unfinished forms and jumping curbs and dry washes but I actually got the Blue Hulk moving. …
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Somatic Adventures #3

Dear Käthe, …
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Brother, Spare a Lobe?

Brother Can You Spare a Lobe? …
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